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Distribution is only as effective as the quality of your Press Release

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Even the most targeted distribution in the world won’t be effective if your press release isn’t written in a way that immediately captures attention, engages readers, and builds gigantic buzz around your product, service, business, or launch.

  • The average human online has a shorter attention span than a goldfish (roughly 8 seconds). Combine that with a busy news day and hundreds of press releases to sift through.

  • The headline and first sentence is the deciding factor for who is going to latch onto and promote your press release.

  • One flaw in formatting can kill.

  • Writing less content is more effective (and difficult) than writing longer content, and shorter content performs better –that takes an artist’s touch.
$229 PR Writing Service We write the release for you!

Why Hire NewswireGenius to Write and Distribute?

We have a team of Press Release Writing Professionals With Proven Track Records

The argument isn’t new and we receive it all the time, “Why can’t we just write our own press release.”

The short answer is you absolutely can.

However, the real question is, why would you want to?

I would recommend you write your own press release if…

  • You have an internal team member(s) with years of experience and a proven track record of writing high-performing press releases.

  • You know exactly what you want to convey to your audience and how to convey it.

  • You intimately understand exactly what makes news agencies, trade journals, and blogs pickup and run with stories and announcements.

  • You have an expert working knowledge of SEO, linkbuilding, and search engine marketing.

If that sounds like you – please write your own press release. We would be happy to distribute it.

If that doesn’t sound like your realm of expertise, then writing your own press release is a risk. At that point, you’re paying us to distribute something that may or may not get the results you want.

The alternative is paying us to write and distribute something that is infinitely more likely to get the results you want because it was written by seasoned professionals.

The decision is up to you, but we here at NewswireGenius highly recommend you click below to get started with us, and allow us to write and distribute an amazing, highly-effective press release.

$229 PR Writing Service We write the release for you!