How Press Releases can help your search engine rankings (SEO)

The foundation of any good SEO strategy involves creating strong online content connected to your brand to make it a relevant source of information, thus making it pertinent content for search engines. Press releases can nicely complement a strong SEO strategy to help increase your online authority and build your brand’s reputation. Press releases provide an authoritative foundation for disseminating reliable news out about your brand, and can serve as the basis for creating great blog content or pitching it out to media to gain outside links to your site.

There are a few key factors that make press releases a great enhancement to your existing SEO strategy.

Keyword Relevance
When creating your press release, it’s important to naturally incorporate keywords that will optimize the release for SEO purposes. Of course, this isn’t about stuffing your press releases with as many key words as you can get in – that would be considered unnatural and penalized by Google. But as it holds true with any other type of content you plan to disseminate online, it’s important to keep your top keywords in mind and incorporate them into the text copy you plan to use in your press release.

Brand Reputation
You should be releasing press releases about important milestones and announcements that your company or brand is ready to make public. This not only increases the eyeballs on the content you’re creating, it serves to elevate the reputation of your brand online.

Authoritative Source Links
By distributing your release to a wide array of news release sites and other publications, NewswireGenius gets your release in front of journalists. Assuming you’re distributing content that is interesting and newsworthy, your press release may be picked up by interested journalists, who would then place the story on their blog or news site. That’s an authoritative source link for your site. SEO experts believe that the two primary factors Google uses to determine which pages to show in search results are content (keyword) relevance and backlinks. If the content of your page is equally relevant to content of a competing site’s page, Google uses your backlink profile to break the tie. To the extent the sites that link to your site and/or page are more numerous and authoritative than the competing relevant content, Google would show your page above theirs in the search results. In this way, press releases serve as a great foundation to not only get your news out to your customers, but also provide an opportunity for multiple source links back to your site.

Content Creation
A press release is the formal, authoritative story you send out to the media and to those visiting your site. From there, you should be thinking about the arms and legs that can extend out to create content based on the announcement you’re making through the release. The press release information can be integrated into blog content that lives on your site and exists as linkable content, or can be turned into an infographic that can be pitched out to media as a source.

If you follow the keys to writing an effective press release, such as quoting a reputable source, making your release newsworthy, and utilizing a good press release distribution service, you’ll be covering most of the ground of leveraging a press release to enhance your search engine optimization goals. Distributing a press release can be a profitable and advantageous move for your business that helps increase your SEO value, and ultimately, your brand reputation.