Using Calls to Action to get Clicks from your Press Releases

A press release distribution is an effective means of getting your company’s news out to readers, but what’s within the press release will determine whether you get the attention and interest you’re looking for. One common mistake writers make when drafting a press release is that they don’t include a call to action to lead readers to the desired behavior. While it may seem obvious to you as someone close to the product and the writing, it’s always a good idea to be explicit with a call to action integrated into your press release.

Most likely, one of the main goals you’ll want to focus on for a press release is getting people to visit your website. This is where they’ll learn more, and you’ll be able to market to them beyond the short release you’ve distributed. In order to get the clicks over to your site, you’ll want to include an explicit and direct call to action to your readers. Don’t shy around it with soft CTAs like, “If you would like more information, please consider visiting our site at” This is too soft, and won’t motivate anyone who is skimming your release to take action. It shouldn’t sound like an infomercial, but your call to action should create a sense of urgency and drive to click.

While you may have multiple goals in mind when distributing a press release, you’ll have to pick your one or two ultimate end goals and use that as the call to action. Your release can’t be everything to everyone, and by including multiple links with multiple calls to action, you’ll dilute your opportunities to get people to convert. You want your reader to come away from the release wanting to know more but not overwhelmed by all the information and direction you provide in your release. All good press releases should be simple and straightforward, and so should your call to action – one or two simple CTAs that will compel readers to click is all you need. If you’re going for multiple CTAs, choose the two audiences you want coming through to your site, and create the calls to action that speak specifically to their needs. You should naturally incorporate both into your press release, and let the reader’s interest do the rest of the work in guiding which CTA they react to.

Your call to action should truly give your readers a reason to click. Whether your product solves a pain point or meets an unmet need, highlight those reasons in your call to action so readers will be motivated to find out more about your company. Not including a clear call to action is a missed opportunity for you to drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately, can cost you a chance to connect with a journalist or influencer who just glossed over your release. By guiding their hand and making a clear statement on what action you would like them to take, you will be able to extend the attention of your readers and extend the life of the press release beyond the initial read.